Hospitalization Area

Our goal is to always have our patients back in their favorite lap or bed as soon as possible. However, to keep everyone safe they will from time to time require housing and we have taken the utmost care to make sure their time with us is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

That being said, we can’t have everyone running loose in the hospital, although it would be fun 🙂 .

Our surgery and drop-off exam patients are provided accommodations based on their size and condition. Every thought is given to their comfort. We use pheromones specially formulated for both cats and dogs in order to reduce stress as well as play soft classical music to distract and help your pet acclimate to the environment.

With our new facility we were able to have separate cat and dog areas for our patients as well as new isolation cages. This helps to keep our patients from getting overwhelmed while also keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Each area has large windows so that we can visually monitor our patients and so they can also see what is going on around them.

Not to mention, Craig’s most important role 😉 , is making several scratching visits each day to give a word of love and encouragement to all of our hospitalized patients.