Our surgery suite has state of the art diagnostic monitoring and surgical equipment in order to provide your dog or cat with the safest, most comprehensive care available. While your pet is anesthetized, a licensed technician will monitor their heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen level (SPO2), blood pressure, EKG, and temperature to ensure a smooth procedure. The technician is with your pet and monitoring their vitals throughout the entire surgical experience, from induction to extubation, and through recovery. All anesthetized patients are intubated to maintain proper oxygenation and maintenence of anesthesia.

Prior to your pets procedure the doctor will perform a pre-surgical exam to ensure the pet is healthy and determine a proper protocol that is personalized to your pets needs. The doctor will also give a recommendation of pre-anesthetic bloodwork, when necessary, to further determine health status and protocol. You will be given the option to accept or decline this at the time of the stay.

Anesthetic procedures are performed Monday through Friday and those patients are asked to be dropped off between 7 and 9am the morning of their scheduled procedure. It is important that your pet be fasted after midnight the night before to minimize potential complications. There are certain exceptions to these anesthetic instructions and if your pet has any pre-existing medical conditions please advise us so the doctor may discuss these with you further.